Ship repair

We build, repair and repair any vessels. In this regard, we offer services:

Hull works:

  • welding, assembly, locksmith, steel and aluminum constructions
  •  construction of ships, barges, catamarans
  • construction of ship sections and blocks
  • construction of ramps, decks, watertight bulkheads, stems
  • repairs in the area of ​​hull and locksmith
  • fitting and fitting works on ships

Hydraulic works:

  • we make entire hydraulic systems
  • repairs of hydraulic pumps
  • sealing hydraulic systems
  • rinsing hydraulic systems
  • electrical work and automation connected with Ro-Ro devices
  • delivery of technical parts and articles (filters, tools, power tools, ropes)

Service and renovation:

  • replacement of ropes
  • replacement of hydraulic cylinders, regeneration, making new, unusual ones
  • support for all hydraulic devices, Ro-Ro devices
  • service of hydraulic and electrical automation
  • repairs of mooring winches
  • replacement of bearings, hinges
  • tightness of covers, ramps, stems


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